What are the documents needed to ship a car

  1. Car registration docs
  2. If it was with a bank loan; then loan must be cleared and get a no objection leter from the bank.
  3. Get an export document from the Transport authority.
  4. Insurance
  5. Passport copy of the shipper
  6. Addresses of the shipper and Consignee

What are the ways you can export a car?

There are several ways you can ship your car

By Air. - Airlifting a car is always very expansive however the transit time will be a couple of days which is so great for the people who urgently need to ship a car

Containerized shipping by Sea - This is a quite economic at the same time you can have dedicated container which will protect the car during transit and handling. Also you can use the remaining space to move your personal cargo along with
Roll on Roll off Shipping (RORO) - A roro shipping is the most cheaply when you ship your car overseas, you need to check with your shipping agent which is the nearest port of your destination.

Car Transporting by Land - This service will be available only for long distance within the country or nearest countries where there is road service permitted by the both countries agreement