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2016-01-11 10:34:23 Karen Smith

How to send Cargo from Dubai to Muscat

I have been working in Dubai for several years, now I have got an opening in Muscat, how do I relocate from Dubai to Muscat? would you be able to offer a price quote to pack and move my household goods and personal belongings from Dubai to Muscat ? which is the cheapest mode of moving from Dubai to Muscat?

2015-12-25 07:23:50 Peterson

Sending Cargo from Dubai to London

There are different mode of services to London from Dubai - if you could give more details about your shipment it will be easy to get you more details , you can simply fill out the online form in this site , 6 best movers will contact you and offer you the best price.

2015-12-24 23:11:48 Ahmed Tariq

What will be the price of sending a cargo from Dubai to London UK?

would you guys do the packing? what are the items cannot send to London? can you please help me to send my personal effects from Dubai to London? What will be the price of sending a cargo from Dubai to London, UK? can you also help me with some of the moving tips?

2015-12-24 23:08:11 John Smith

How to send my car from Dubai to Qatar?

Can you guys help me to send my my car from Dubai to Doha ? what are the documents needed to export a car from Dubai to Doha? what will be the cost involved in shipping a car to Doha? will ship the car by land to Doha or you offer sea freight to Doha ?