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2016-01-13 01:51:50 Car Shipping to Qatar from UAE

How many days it takes to transport a car from Dubai to Doha? what is the cheapest mode of transport

Normally it takes only 3 days to ship a car from Dubai to Doha by sea freight, the most cheapest way of shipping car is by land , if you use a car carrier the price will be very low compare to a dedicated recovery service.

2016-01-13 01:46:08 Paul Newton

Procedure to obtain Export Certificate in DUBAI

In case your vehicle registration is valid follow bellow given procedures Remove your vehicle Number plates Make copy of your Passport and Driver’s License Fill the application Form , get the token & wait for your turn -: When you go to the counter with all the above documents. Tell them you want to Export the car to your destination country , also you have to request for Export number plates. If they ask you to bring export insurance then tell them your car registration is still valid and you want to export the car your name. If you want us to transport your car then tell them to put our company name in the Export certificate. (In remarks Colum: – “Shipping Company’s name in Arabic) They will give Export Certificate Then go to the Number Plate factory (which should be inside the same building) to get Export plates. Fix them on the car and bring your car to our office; the rest we will do Note:- Your Export plates in Dubai are valid for 2 weeks. Please remember


INTIME FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL LLC offers cargo services from Oman

we offer air cargo from Oman to Canada, Container service from Oman to Canada , Shipping service from Oman to Canada, Sea Cargo service from Oman to Canada. best shipping rates to Canada . also we offer packing and moving from Oman to Canada

2016-01-13 00:49:09 GULF AGENCY CO (OMAN) LLC

Reviews about GULF AGENCY CO in Oman

I was working with National Bank of Oman, now I have go a better opportunity with Citibank in Dubai, I have to relocate from Oman to Dubai , I have got a quote from GULF AGENCY CO (OMAN) LLC, as usual the rates are bit expansive but how is their service? do they have an office in Dubai?


Cargo service and International Moving from Muscat to New Zealand

we offer the best price for International Moving service from Oman to any part of the world. air cargo by most airlines , we also offer packing , crating , palatalizing of all chimerical and personal cargo and ship it from Oman.

2016-01-13 00:07:06 ELITE ENTERPRISES Muscat


We offer the best air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to France , air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to Germany , air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to Italy , air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to England , air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to USA , air cargo door to door rates from Muscat to Canada

2016-01-13 00:03:51 Moon express Cargo

Moon Express Cargo Reviews from Oman Movers

MOON EXPRESS CARGO LLC- Oman Air Cargo Services, Cargo Services - Air & Sea, Cargo Services - Door-to-door, Cargo Services by Road, Clearing & Forwarding services , Shipping Companies / Agents, Courier Services... Land cargo from Oman to UAE | Cargo from Muscat to Dubai

2016-01-13 00:00:43 Joseph Tan


I have used Freight Line cargo Muscat to send my cargo from Muscat to Dubai and the service was not so bad... however you may check with other companies as well to know the best price to move your shipment from Oman to KSA

2016-01-12 23:57:38 Abdul Rashid

Moving reviews of ADSO OMAN

is there anyone used ADSO OMAN? I am planning to send a cargo from Oman to Saudi Arabia, before I sign up I need to get some reviews about this company... if any has any experience please share it with me....

2016-01-12 23:54:03 Antony Francis

Cargo from Oman to Australia by air or sea offered by top cargo agents in Muscat?

yes there are six best cargo agents in Oman offers air cargo and sea cargo service from Muscat to All ports in Australia, the prices could be most competitive.. a short term free storage and packing is also offered