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Established: 2003

About Company:  Southeast Movers incorporated as a limited liability company in Dubai, established in the year 2003. Our core business is shipping and allied business including International moving and relocation, Our team of professionals possesses decades of industry experience from various parts of the world.

Address : the world. Head Office: PO Box45789 , Dubai, UAE

Contact Person:  Usman Javed Sunny

2016-11-19 00:54:35 anju



2016-11-18 08:30:59 Anil

Southeast Movers

Hi !! You know i have been living in this country for the last 15 years and I have moved houses almost 12 times. from one emirate to the other and within the city There a lot of things people ignore while moving which i learnt over the passage of time. First of all when choosing a mover company, ask for a registered trade license in order to safeguard your goods are not being transported by freelancers. Ask for their employees visas if you could to know whether they are under the same sponsorship with the company or not. Alot of movers end up with 10 to 12 people , they hardly know how to speak english and then i find out they are not even a part of their company & they say they are professionals. I have heard, Move one , Allied Pickford , Global Relocation , southeast Movers have registered trade licenses and employees under their sponsorship. but some companies rates are on a higher side. for my last move I have called almost seven companies for a survey for my 5 bedroom

2015-03-03 06:41:46 Kevin Parker

Southeast Movers

hey guys at Southeast movers ! thank you for the good job all of you have done, on the 1st your UK agent called us and yesterday they have finished all documentation and delivered my goods. all items reached my home in good as you have taken from my homeā€¦. Thank you.. thanks indeed Kevin Parker

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2016-01-30 00:56:28 Ms. Cathy

Abu Dhabi to Amstradm Air Cargo Door to door

Hello I am working with Shaikh Khaleefa Hospital , I am flying to Amsterdam with a few excess baggage, which need to be shipped from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to Amsterdam as door to door - means you have to pick up the cargo from my home and deliver to my home at Netherlands